Our quality assurance services cover material consultancy and international certifications.


Our company includes inspectors certified to provide inspection to ready mixed concrete production facilities provided by NRMCA National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

This certificate ensures quality batch plants. The inspection process covers batching equipment, material storage, concrete produced, production facility, central mixer & delivery fleet.

Several production facilities are being certified according to the NRMCA certifications in the MENA region by our inspectors making this certificate a necessity to be up to the standards of work.

NRMCA certification of concrete production facilities provides a system for establishing that production equipment and procedures at ready-mixed concrete plants are satisfactory. A certified plant is permitted to display a certificate of conformance that assures the purchaser that the facility is physically capable furnishing good quality concrete.

Our inspection covers both NRMCA and ASTM C94 requirements.

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The Green-Star certification program by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association NRMCA has been designed by the Environmental Task Group of the Operations, Environmental and Safety Committee (NRMCA-OES) as a means to support the efforts of the ready mixed concrete industry towards environmental excellence, through the recognition of the use of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) as a tool for environmental benchmarking and continual improvement, and as a means to recognize those who adhere to essential principals of the environmental and sustainability movement of our industry.

The NRMCA Green-Star Program will serve as a useful mechanism to recognize those within the industry who have achieved or are actively working towards environmental excellence and/or a demonstrable reduction of environmental impacts, following the principals of sustainability.

Some potential benefits of Green-Star Certification include:

  • Favored Status - Customers favor doing business with organizations that are known to be protective of the environment.
  • Increased Profits - Organizations will attain savings through its efforts in pollution prevention and waste reduction.
  • Improved Efficiency - Sound, consistent environmental management methods will improve profits.
  • Community Goodwill - An organization's stand on environmental policy and action may be the most important factor in achieving and maintaining the community's goodwill.
  • Reduction of Liability and Risk - An organization is less apt to have environmental problems by using a proactive EMS that documents results and has continual improvement.

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As interest in sustainable development grows, the ready mixed concrete industry must be able to support sustainable development, balancing economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental responsibility.

The NRMCA Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification (Certification) program provides a quantitative, performance-based metric, to allow ready mixed concrete producers to demonstrate excellence in sustainable development. The Certification provides ready mixed concrete plant personnel with specific guidance to assess their production practices and implement sustainability strategies that will ultimately lower their overall footprint.

To certify, plant personnel use the Sustainable Concrete Plant Guidelines (Guidelines) to rate a plant’s level of sustainability within different credit categories. Plants can achieve between 0 and 100 points depending on how many sustainability credits are achieved and their level of performance within each credit.

If the plant meets the Certification criteria NRMCA awards the plant with the appropriate NRMCA Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification level:


Bronze: 30-49 points

Silver: 50-69 points

Gold: 70-89 points

Platinum: 90-100 points

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